Inbound Medical Marketing & Patient Relationship Management


Customization and automation is the key to our programs success, Track-able and verifiable data retains our clients.

The Patient Engage medical marketing and patient relationship management software was not only created to provide online alternatives to displaced off-line marketing; instead, we decided to address the distinctly digital needs of medical and health business as technology has transformed the way patients make decisions and therefore, the very fabric of what being a local medical provider means today.   Patient Engage allows medical and health business one simple user interface to manage and analyze their entire medical marketing efforts, patient inquiries and patient communication.

There are many applications that medical/health businesses use to track and analyze their medical marketing, however, there is no all inclusive solution like Patient Engage.  We believe Doctors should spend there time treating patients and patients need to be educated, that’s why created Patient Engage an automated patient funnel system that turns inquiries into referrals.

Patient Engage includes complete tracking and recording of all inbound telephone calls, submission forms, social media and website visits, a robust patient relationship management system that includes auto-responders with pdf attachments, appointment reminders through SMS text and email, and reminder messages for patient follow up, email marketing and newsletters to all patient inquiries, social media broadcasting of video and text, blogging, video recording, medical reputation management (checks over 8000 listing sites), search engine optimization of your sites pages, search engine marketing through our keyword tool and pay per click campaign manager, website uptime monitoring, medical marketing intelligence on every aspect of our application with video tutorials and pdfs, and even a simple website creation and content management tool.

The application is robust and handles a huge amount of complex patient interactions that is then turned into data that you can analyze – we do all the work to set the system up for you   - all you have to do is login and manage it a couple of minutes a day. To schedule a demonstration of our medical marketing software or to find out more about our guarantee call 1-877-267-4111 or GET STARTED NOW