Inquiry Tracking


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Patient Engage provides users with inbound telephone tracking, recording and analysis.  Additional phone numbers can be added to track other campaigns, including print, radio, television or pay per click keyword terms.  All call inquiries are displayed in our software and includes, caller ID information, length of call, disposition of call, the actual call recording and a notification email that a call was received.  Think of all the missed calls and hang ups you used to get – now you have a chance to see the calls you missed and try to connect with those inquiries.

Patient Engage medical marketing software also provides users with multiple submission forms for landing pages, consultations, free reports and more. Each form is connected to a set of rules that include an auto-responder with a PDF attachment, and an email notifying you someone submitted a form.  All forms are tracked, analyzed, and reported in our software.  Additionally,  all forms ask for an email address, which is automatically added to your email marketing campaigns.

Patient Engage also; tracks, analyzes all traffic to your website and records information about individual users; tracks all social media interactions on your google, youtube, facebook pages, twitter and linked in accounts; to give a full picture of your digital foot print.

The Patient Engage medical marketing and patient relationship management software seamless integrates these inquiries into verifiable data that can easily be converted into qualified patients that will set an appointment, schedule a consultation or book a procedure.

We set up all these processes for you so all you have to do is log in and see the reports – its designed to be simple and only take a few minutes a day.